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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00, it looks like an army uniform, but is it? >> what unit are you in? >> i'm with the second battalion rangers. >> hear from the ranger who recognized this army uniform had flaws. the search for shane. new details about the missing college student's condition at the manyayunk bar just before he disappeared. >> bill cosby resigns from temple's board of its mounting allegations of sexual assault.
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>> we start with another wintery mix for tomorrow. it's raining tomorrow e tonight and some parts of the area could see snow tomorrow. first alert meteorologist sheena parvine is tracking this. >> right now, we have mainly rain across the area, periods of rain, but, through parts of the lehigh valley and the poconos, the radar is picking up what could be a very light wintery mix and possibly some snow flurries. very scattered and very light in nature, too. closer to the shore, nj nnl and down in delaware, it's all part of a big weather system and streaming back off to the west. plenty of moisture to work with as we go into tomorrow combined with the moisture dropping temperatures. already in the 30s in allen town, 43 philadelphia, 42 in millville. these numbers will keep going down. from now until 6:00 a.m., morning lows will be around freezing.
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from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., scattered rain. mixed across parts of the area. areas north and west, i'll show you that. and the timing of it, what you can expect coming up. >> see you then, sheena. >> breaking news out of camden. police are searching for a missing 10-year-old boy. he was last seen at the boys and girls club around 4:00 this afternoon. he was weari ining blue uniform sweater and a book bag. bill cosby's name goes hand-in-hand with temple university for 30 years. he sat on the board of trustees. today, he resigned. today, it's the talk on campus. nbc 10's george spencer talked to the president tonight. >> reporter: yeah, jim, he told me that cosby's influence on this board, his impact on this school, as a whole, would be
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missed. but the president was adamant that cosby himself made the decision to step down this afternoon determined that his scandal should not impact his school. bill cosby always looked at home on temple's stages, a board member and aline up and, perhaps, its most famous cheer leader. tonight, the official relationship is over as the legendary actor faces over a dozen sexual assault allegations. >> he was such a big part of tec temple, but it's upsetting to hear all of that from those women. >> cosby did not mention those allegations specifically saying only i've always been proud of my association with temple. i've always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result, i've tendered my rez e resignation from the temple university board of trustees.
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we still found supporters. >> it might have been, maybe, like, something with women. but i don't think it was to the extreme as to what they're saying. >> reporter: you still support him then? >> yes, very much so. >> patrick o connor, the president of temple's board, called cosby's decision a noble one by someone who's been a beacon of light, a beacon of hope here. someone who did the right thing for the love of the school. >> cosby has done a lot for racism and breaking borders. >> we're told the board had no official plans to remove cosby, but other trustees had been discussing how to handle the fire storm when cosby, himts, made the call to step out of the way. >> reporter: grew with multiple new allegations plus a thousand signatures on a petition demanding cosby's removal. >> cosby has ke e denied any
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wrong doing. his attorney called the allegations ridiculous. cosby has been on the board here at temple since 1982, consistently re-elected to four-year terms, i'm told, because his fellow board members found him so well-regarded for so many years. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, george. badge of honor or disgrace. tonight, a local man is accused of falsely representing himself as an army ranger. he wore the uniform shopping on black friday. an army ranger spotted something amiss. >> where's your combat patch at? >> i gave it to a little kid. >> why is your flag so low on your shoulder? it should be up here? >> you got me on that one, bud. >> more than a million and a half people have now watched that video. nbc 10's luan chan is joining us live.
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luann? >> reporter: first, let me tell you that ryan burke said he saw a fellow soldier, what he thought was a fellow soldier here at the oxford valley mall. he wanted to go up and say hello and then he saw the uniform, he saw something was amiss, it incensed him and that's when he started taking this video. >> i've worn that uniform and i've had friends in afghanistan killed wearing that uniform. stolen valor. right here. >> e. >> reporter: says he lost it friday at the oxford valley mall when he saw this man wearing a uniform burke proudly wore for six years. >> i think about the people who lost their lives wearing that same uniform you're impersonating. >> reporter: we're protecting the man's identity because he has not been charged with a crime. burt thinks he should be. as soon as he started questioning the man, he knew something was wrong. >> this one is from afghanistan,
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that's from iraq and that's from my second rotation back. >> you know, no matter how many you do, you can only get one. for iraq, afghanistan, you can only get one. all three of them. >> his responses to my follow-up questions were just a dead give away that he wasn't truly in the service. >> reporter: we atechted to get a response from the man in uniform. no one answered at his home. meanwhile, the army said there's no record of this man ever being in the army or in the reserves. >> the guy was a phony. >> burke says he donesn't know f the man wore the uniform to get discounts. the u.s. attorney's office was notified to investigate whether this man violated the stolen valor act. >> to have this guy pretend that he's done the same thing on the caliber that my friends did,
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it's just -- it just gets me infuriated. >> reporter: buurke says he studied criminal justice at temple university. he had no idea that the video would go viral and he hopes at the very least, this man learned his lesson. >> tonight, the f.b.i. is warning u.s. businesses about the threat of a cyber attack. the agency issued a five-page warning explaining that hackers have used malicious software to launch these attacks. the feds would not confirm whether that software was used in a cyber attack in sony pictures entertainment last week when several pew e movies were leaked early online. two people rescued from a burning home in west philadelphia tonight. sky force ten above the scene here on media street. the fire started just after 7:00. we're told everyone made it out of the home, but emergency responders took at least two people to the hospital with injuries. to may fair, where
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philadelphia police say a car hit and killed a 69-year-old man running across cottman avenue tonight. the driver stayed on the scene. officers are still investigating, but they do not expect to file any charges. >> a th$25,000 reward tonight a still no shane montgomery. the search wraps up its fifth night. denise is live in manayunk and shane's parents still holding out hope tonight. >> reporter: yes, jim, they believe they need just one break. they know he left kildares to walk home just a mile from here. what happened after that is fuelling this mystery. >> this is heart wrenching. this is horrible. >> reporter: karen and kemp say they refuse to lose hope going into day 6 in the zeshlg for their missing son. >> i have not seen or heard from
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my son in five days. this is killing me. >> reporter: tonight, while they were surrounded by family, shane montgomery's childhood friends stepped by to check on them. they are also in disbelief over the lack of tips and clues in shane's disappearance. >> and now, five days later, we're still in the same spot we were thursday night. >> what's the next step? what do we do? >> reporter: karen and kevin say they're doing all they can to find their son. they searched the ground, in the water and the f.b.i. called on philadelphia police chopper to circle the sky above main street and the canal area. shane's family and friends spent another day posting fliers. the last place anyone saw him, kildare's, issued a statement saying shape was not intoxicated when he left the bar and was not kicked out. they said he had a $17 tab for three beers and was polite and respectful, something his family says is his character.
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>> i knew that he wasn't drunk or ainebriated. >> right now, we're at a standstill. we just need one -- one thing to point us in the right direction. and i think that will bring shane home. >> west chester university is planning to hold a vigil for shane on campus on wednesday. his family is asking anyone who may have seen shane or anything out of ordinary -- 2:00 -- excuse me. sorry for that. or seen anything suspicious on thanksgiving morning around 2:00 to give the f.b.i. or philadelphia police a call. reporting live, nbc 10 news. >> all right, denise, thank you. tonight, we hear from philadelphia's top cop hours after he was hand-picked by the president to help restore public trust in police. >> the vast majority of police officers do their job very, very well every single day. the reason we have these tis can e discushion e cushions is because of the few who don't. so what can we do to minimize
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even more the number of people who do not treat the number of people they serve respectfully. >> president obama tapped kbhigser charles ramsey today. the group will look at how to build public trust while reducing crime. the president is also proposing a three-year, $263 million spending package. the money would be used to help police departments improve community relations and it would include $75 million to help pay for 50,000 small cameras that police can wear on their uniforms. the cameras record officers on the job. check out the flames in newark, new castle county. first, a car slammed into a gas main. and then, four town homes quickly went up in lower valley lane around 1:00 this afternoon. emergency crews rushed one person to the hospital and, as
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you see here, at least one car burned and as you see here, firefighters helped a dog on the scene. police gave the driver of the car a ticket for distracted driving. a wedding videographer busted for not delivering. tonight, how many brides and grooms say they paid for memories they have yet to see on video. >> and i'm tracking much colder tempature overnight into tomorrow. and some of you could even see a wintery mix through the day. i'll show you the details and the timing on it coming up. sam's place.
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taj h e mahal moves forward to close in two weeks. the casino's parent company, trump entertainment, stopped issuing credit today to gamblers. the taj plans to shut down today completely on december 12th. in southwest philadelphia, the bartram high school community is coming together to look for
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solutions after ins debility dents like this one. this cell phone video shows a substitute teacher motionless after being attacked by a student last month. that attack and two others at the school prompted a gathering tonight. kenyatta johnson met with parents and teachers and students to make lasting changes at that school. a ben salem wedding videographer is behind bars tonight. accused of taking money for wedding videos they never got. michael dolbow scammed more than 40,0$40,000. detectives say there could be more victims out there and they hope they'll come forward. rez debits of this fire-damaged germantown home. the nbc 10 investigators told you about a prank last month. one of the residents heard an explosion around 3:30 this
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morning and then found two cans on fire on the porch. they told nbc 10 investigators they were the target of prank known as "swatting" when someone makes a fake 9-1-1 call to raid a home for no reason. ray rice speaking publicly for the first time since a judge ordered the nfl to re-instate the running back. ray apologized for everything he put his family through. >> i took full responsibility for everything i did. the only thing i can wish for is a second chance. >> this morning, nbc 10 "today" show aired that interview. she claimed ray never abused her before that incident and hadn't since. you can see part two of matt ú÷ laure's exclusive interview. it starts at 7:00 a.m. right here on nbc 10.
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>> well, the temperatures are dropping. i hope you enjoy today. tomorrow will mostly be in the 30s and then we'll go back up into the 40s later tomorrow night. snow, sleet, rain in the forecast really depends on where you live. with any sleet or snow, we should see little to no accumulation. any accumulation will only be on grassy surfaces. 39 potstown, temperatures are really starting to cool down. 43 in philadelphia. 40 degrees in trenton. below freezing up in the poconos. temperatures here are now in the low 40s. much colder outside than it was earlier today. this is mostly on the lighter side. some areas north and west, especially the higher elevations, may even be dealing
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with possibly some flurries or some very light sleet. that looks as though it could be coming to an end. this is all pretty light precipitation. through the shore, we're seeing mostly light rain, especially through parts of delaware. it's all part of a cold front. this will be moving through as we go through tonight. and then tomorrow, we'll see another batch of moisture move in before we get rid of it all. as we go through the rest of the evening, a few late-night showers. picking up on a little bit of a wintery mix, very briefly through parts of south jersey and delaware. temperatures will be cold. so we could see this falling. just don't expect much to accumulate. so by the afternoon hours, we could see that through the lehigh valley. and then some warmer air moving in. so, by later tonight, that should all start to switch over to rain. some of that could be locally heavy. and then everyone starts to see rain as we get closer to midnight.
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now we're narrow into the area. through the overnight hours tonight, they keep on dropping near freezing. tomorrow morning, 9:00, fairly dry, although a little bit of a wintery mix. through the afternoon hours, you see possibly some snow and sleet. little to know accumulation. and then that kind of shifts to the north by tomorrow night. and then you see hef ve rain. temperatures going back into the 40s. so we're actually going to warm up late tomorrow night and this does go over into wednesday. by midnight wednesday, around 40 degrees. it really depends on where you live tomorrow and where that moisture is. but that's what it looks like as of now. scattered showers for tonight, becoming colder. and then, tomorrow, cold with some rain, sleet, snow showers mostly north and west. we'll see that snow mix moving over to rain later tomorrow night. temperatures right around 40. but then they keep on warming up as we go into wednesday. we'll be in the 50s again.
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so quiet a change in our weather pattern from today until tomorrow until wednesday. and then as we end out the week, we'll be in the 40s. we'll see possibly a rainy stretch. that's what it looks like right now. starting friday, maybe saturday-sunday. we'll be watching that for the eagles game. all i can say, for tomorrow, those areas seeing the rain, sleet and snow, just be careful in the roadways. just take it slower. we don't expect it to accumulate, but any small accumulation at all should be on the grass. >> we'll update everybody on what's going on right then. >> sure. >> the sixers, any hope for them, danny pommells? >> yes, the sixers trying to avoid taking other steps toward history. ed schneider is not happy and he's naming name. and chip kelly comes to town looking to silence the crowd at the link this weekend. that's next in sports.
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good evening to you. live and in your living room, i'm danny pommells. the seahawks have won five of six coming in. that's thanks in large part to their big three. the quarterback russel will season, marchand lynch and according to chip kelly, you can't simulate the talents of these players in practice. >> it's difficult because we don't have anybody as athletic. but that's no different than any quarterback you face. we don't have anybody to simulate cam newton. we don't have a 6'5", 250 pound -- unless we go over to the sixers. that's just the deal whoever it is. we don't have a marchand lynch
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we can simulate. you get used to what their scheme is and how they run their operation. you're never going to be able to simulate players of that calendar. >> speaking of the sixers, the fellas hosted the spurs nba defending champs. the sixers fast forward to the fourth quarter, michael carter williams gets the deuce and the foul. he had a double double. 24 points, 11 rebounds coming off of that triple double saturday. straight to the ten, hoop and the harp. he led everyone with 26. sixers lose 10 9d-103 falling to 0-17, one loss shy of the nba record. meanwhile, the fliers are trying to keep their season from going south when they take over the sharks out west tomorrow night. the fliers are just 1-71-in their last nine games. today, flyers' chairman ed snider is naming names of who needs to step up.
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snider lasted the secondary scoring saying never seen anything like it in all the years i've been in hockey. yet, the floor check not chipping his words. con kbratulations to the 2016 sports kid of the year. that's sports, i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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going to be a mess in the morning? >> well, for some of us possibly. so we are looking at rain, possibly wintery mix. and then, in the afternoon, that chance starts to shift more north and west. so any accumulation, little or none would be on grassy surfaces. later tomorrow, we start to get more warming and more rain moving in. then we see kind of a rain event
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tomorrow night flt it will be a colder day tomorrow. that's something to remember. it's not going to be mild like today. but then look at wednesday, 53 degrees. >> all right, the latest start at 4:00 a.m. >> yes. >> for all of us here, we thank you for watching. have a great night. see you tomorrow. blank blapg
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short, gabrielle union, musical gu


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